Cooperative Opportunities


To extend the reach of Arizona’s advertising program and to maximize resources, AOT has created a variety of cooperative advertising opportunities for its tourism partners. This program enables partners to save money while increasing exposure.

In working with AOT, there is the opportunity to receive specially reduced rates on media placements, gain access to research and targeting information, increase editorial space and help increase the frequency and reach of the Arizona brand to consumers.

Learn how you can participate in a joint marketing effort in either of our media below:

- The Marketing Cooperative FY14 Application and Instructions

- The Marketing Cooperative Opportunity Profiles

- Media Presentation and Google Analytics Presentation


  • Electronic Marketing: With a database of more than 2.2 million email addresses, the AOT distributes marketing materials to a diverse range of parties interested in Arizona tourism news, trends and discounts.
  • AOT Publications: The Arizona Office of Tourism oversees the production of several trade and consumer publications distributed domestically and internationally to a wide audience of readers.
  • The Arizona Office of Tourism offers the opportunity for partners to post events and travel deals on 

AOT in Action

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